The rings I have available are listed on this page. I do not stock any rings or have different sizes. 
This is a sterling silver men's ring in size 13
The Petoskey Stone cab  measures 18  X 13 mm.

Item no. 1R

Price $32.00 plus shipping.
A man's Sterling ring in size 10 1/2
The stone is 18 X 13 mm.

Item no.2R

Price $32.00 plus shipping
A man's Sterling ring in size 13.
The stone is 18mm X 13mm.

Item no. 3R

Price $32.00 plus shipping
Man's ring in size 10 1/2 with a 10 mm X 10 mm. stone

Item no. 4R 

Price $32.00 plus shipping 
This is a sterling silver woman's ring in size 6 1/2. the stone is 10mm X 14 mm. 

Item no. 5R

Price $32.00 plus shipping.
A woman's sterling ring in size 5 with a 18mm X 8mm. stone.

Item No. 6R

Price  $32.00 plus shipping
Please contact me at  to   purchase any of these items. I will give details for shipping. Shipping costs will be kept to a minimum. Thank You,  Steve
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